Test/inspection body

The WPK Austria GmbH as a state accredited inspection body according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 carries out acceptances and recurring inspections for complete plants as well as individual components and assemblies.

We inspect ropeways and drag lifts, hydroelectric power plants and lifting equipment (lifts, lifting tables, stair lifts) and are also accredited as an inspection body for summer toboggan runs and flying constructions.

Since 2018 we have also been accredited as an inspection body according to ÖNORM B 5050 and our certified inspectors carry out pressure tests on water-carrying pipelines of hydroelectric power plants and snow-making systems.

The speciality of our testing laboratory accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 is non-destructive testing (NDT) in all relevant fields. As an accredited inspection body, we also advise on the application of a suitable test procedure, draw up test specifications, take over quality assurance and carry out the corresponding non-destructive tests at the customer's premises or in our test laboratory.

Scope of accreditation Inspection body Scope of accreditation Testing laboratory

Non-destructive material testing

The accredited testing/inspection body of the WPK offers you as a service both advice on project planning and tendering and non-destructive testing of components and the accompanying execution checks including quality assurance.

The following tests are carried out in accordance with national and international standards by our certified testers with qualification levels II and III:

  • VT - Visual inspection
  • MT - Magnetic particle testing
  • UT - Ultrasonic testing and wall thickness measurement
  • PT - Penetrant testing
  • RT - Radiography
  • HT - Hardness test
  • MRT - Magnetic inductive wire rope testing

The tests can be carried out directly on site at the plant or in our test laboratory in Kaprun. Our application areas are included:

  • Cable cars (components and infrastructure)
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Pressure lines
  • Steel structures
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
WPK Austria – Magnetic particle testing
WPK Austria – Magnetic particle testing

Acceptance tests/periodic inspections

The inspection body of the WPK is accredited for a multitude of acceptance and recurring inspections of components and assemblies up to the inspection of entire buildings and plants.

We are active in the following specialist areas:

Summer toboggan run

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Flying constructions

Acceptance/recurring inspections according to EN 13814

Further areas of expertise of our auditing activities are:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic lifts
  • Inspections of fire alarm systems according to TRVB 123 S
  • Tests according to ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001
  • Lifting gears of all kinds
  • Mechanical gates and doors
  • General constructions (steel construction, forgings, castings etc.)
  • Superstructures on special vehicles (snow groomers etc.)
  • Inspection of Ski-Doos
  • Relevant equipment (mechanical and electrical engineering)
  • Tests according to GewO
  • Inspection of operating facilities (§82b GewO 1994)
Your WPK contact person:
Ing. Johann Wallner

Hydroelectric Power Plants

The inspection body of WPK carries out both acceptance tests and recurrent inspections of hydropower plants or individual parts, assemblies and components.

Depending on requirements, the acceptance tests also include advice on tendering, bid comparison and plan and calculation checks. Within the scope of comprehensive quality assurance, we also carry out factory acceptance tests at the component manufacturers or sub-suppliers, construction site tests and final acceptance tests as well as the preparation of final reports and documentation.

In addition, process tests, work samples and audits (e.g. at sub-suppliers) can also be carried out.

Our services at a glance:

  • Consulting and comparison of offers
  • Plan and calculation control
  • Procedural reviews
  • Factory acceptance tests and supplier audits
  • Site acceptance tests
  • Final acceptance tests
  • Final report
WPK Austria – water power plant inspection
WPK Austria – water power plant inspection

Elevator inspection body

WPK Austria GmbH and the auditors of WPK entered in the register of lift auditors are an inspection agency for lifting systems requiring inspection in accordance with §15 of the Lifting Systems Operating Regulations (HBV 2009).

Our elevator inspection office carries out both the preliminary inspection (in accordance with §2 of the HBV 2009) as well as the acceptance inspection (in accordance with §3 of the HBV 2009) and the regular inspection (in accordance with §4 of the HBV 2009) of the following mechanical and hydraulic elevator systems:

  • Lifts (including inclined lifts)
  • Lifting devices for persons
  • Goods lifts
  • Small goods lifts
  • Lift tables
  • Inclined stair lifts (stair lift)
  • Lifting systems with load carriers

Preliminary, acceptance and recurring inspections of non-commercial, private lifts and lifting systems are also checked by our inspection body. These are also subject to testing and monitoring obligations and must, for example, be accepted and regularly inspected in accordance with the Salzburg Lifting Installations Act - HebeAnlG and the individual state laws in the federal states.

WPK Austria – elevator inspections
WPK Austria – elevator inspections

Summer toboggan runs

The inspection body of the WPK carries out acceptances and recurring inspections of rail- and trough guided summer toboggan runs. The inspections can be carried out according to the national standard ÖNORM S 4730 as well as the international standard ISO 19202. Our customers include both manufacturers of summer toboggan runs and operators at home and abroad.

As we are also an inspection body and Notified Body for cable cars, we can also offer the inspection of the interface between a summer toboggan run and a cable car (transport of the toboggan) as an additional service from one source.

Our services in detail:

WPK Austria – summer toboggan inspections
WPK Austria – summer toboggan inspections

Pressure tests according to ÖNORM B 5050

Water-carrying pipelines of new and existing hydroelectric power plants and snow-making systems must be examined for leaks and stability by means of a pressure test in accordance with ÖNORM B 5050:2015. The application of this relatively new standard ensures a long-term, safe and efficient operation of the pipeline and thus provides both the operator and the manufacturer with a significant added value, which contributes in particular to securing the investment.

The pressure test according to ÖNORM B 5050 may only be carried out by certified persons with the appropriate expertise or by an inspection or testing body accredited according to ÖNORM B 5050, such as WPK Austria.

Our services at a glance:

  • Performance of pressure tests as inspection body according to ÖNORM B 5050
  • Testing by certified testers according to ÖNORM B 5050
  • Execution of the test with own, certified test equipment
  • Preparation of test and inspection reports
  • many years of experience in the acceptance and periodic inspection of hydropower plants
WPK Austria – pressure tests ÖNORM B5050
WPK Austria – pressure tests ÖNORM B5050

Welder's examination and welding supervision

To ensure the quality of welding work, many sets of rules and regulations, e.g. ÖNORM EN 1090, the Machinery Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive, etc., require the use of certified welders.

In addition, many clients of welding work also require sufficiently qualified personnel within the framework of product liability and quality assurance. ÖNORM EN 1090, for example, requires the use of certified welders, operators, welding supervisors and inspectors for all load-bearing components from design class 1 (EXC 1) upwards.

A welder's qualification test according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9606-1 remains valid for 3 years, provided that the welder is regularly engaged in welding work in the applicable test area.

The following services are offered by the welding engineers of WPK Austria:

  • Welding qualification tests according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9606-1 (fusion welding of steels) for various welding procedures
  • Operator test according to ÖNORM EN ISO 14732
  • Welding supervision according to ÖNORM EN ISO 14731 with own welding engineers (IWE) - also for external welding supervision
  • Monitoring of the process and work samples
  • Testing of samples within the accredited testing laboratory (VT, UT, MT, PT, break)
WPK Austria – welding inspection
WPK Austria – welding inspection

GWT test centre

The WPK Austria is accredited as testing laboratory of the GWT (Quality Association for Water Technology) and carries out both initial inspections and product inspections as well as monitoring inspections according to the relevant GWT guidelines.

The Quality Association for Water Technology promotes the production, assembly, maintenance and spare parts service of high-quality machines, apparatus and plants for waste water treatment. All Austrian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers can be certified by the GWT if they have a significant influence on the quality of the products.

WPK contact person:
Ing. P.I. Stephan Obexer