The accredited inspection and test body of the WPK Austria GmbH offers an extremely wide range of services in the field of ropeway technology and testing of ropeways.

We prepare the documents required by the Austrian legislator according to SeilbG 2003 for the approval of new installations, conversions and concession renewals, such as safety reports and expert opinions for the specialist areas of ropeway technology, electrical engineering, fire protection and employee protection.

In addition, we carry out periodic as well as additional inspections in accordance with EN 1709 and the Austrian SeilbÜV2013 (ropeway inspection ordinance) as well as recurring fire protection inspections (in accordance with §51 SeilbG 2003) and recurring tests of work equipment in accordance with §8 AM-VO.

In addition, we also offer magnet-inductive rope tests for hauling, track and carrying ropes of ropeways and drag lifts for steel ropes with a rope diameter from 6 to 65 mm

Ropeway Inspections

New installations, conversions, concession renewals

As a technical office for mechanical engineering and as an inspection body for ropeways, WPK Austria offers you the following services:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies for ropeways
  • Rope line calculations for new constructions and conversions
  • Project management for new buildings and conversions
  • Preparation of safety reports according to VO (EU) 2016/424 and SeilbG2003
  • Preparation of expert reports in accordance with the SeilbG2003 for the specialist areas of ropeway/E-technology, fire protection and employee protection
  • Monitoring and acceptance testing of approval-free construction projects according to VgBSeil 2006 as §20 person according to SeilbG 2003
  • Preparation of safety reports and expert opinions for the extension of cableway concessions in accordance with the SeilbG 2003
  • Acceptance as non-official expert for cableways in the course of official operating permit procedures
  • Acceptance tests of cableway stations
  • Acceptance tests (final test) of fire alarm systems according to TRVB 123 S
  • Monitoring of projects for the "re-installation of cable cars" according to the ordinance on re-installation - VWaSeilb 2009
WPK Austria – new Spieljochbahn
WPK Austria – new Spieljochbahn

Ropeway inspections

The accredited inspection and testing body carries out the following inspections of ropeway installations and ropeway components:

  • Periodic inspections of ropeways and drag lifts according to SeilbÜV 2013 (every 5 years) and EN 1709 (annually)
  • Additional inspections according to SeilbÜV 2013 or special inspections acc. to EN 1709
    • Brakes, bullwheels, roller batteries, grips, drives, suspensions, vehicles etc., including the required non-destructive tests (VT, MT, UT, PT, RT)
    • ÖVE system inspection according to ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001
  • Recurring fire protection inspection according to §51 SeilbG 2003
  • Recurring test (revision) of fire alarm systems according to TRVB 123 S
  • Periodic inspection of work equipment (gates, doors, hoists, cranes, PPE etc.)
  • Inspection of material ropeways according to SeilbÜV 2013 or Gewerbeordnung §82b or §8 AM-VO
WPK Austria – periodic ropeway inspection
WPK Austria – periodic ropeway inspection

Magnet-inductive testing

In cooperation with the Italian manufacturer AMC Instruments, we have developed a rope testing device specially tailored to the requirements of the WPK. During the development of the device itself as well as during the programming of the evaluation software, the wishes and suggestions of our rope inspectors were optimally implemented by the manufacturer.

The rope testing device is certified by the renowned ropeway test body LA.T.I.F from Trento (Italy) and can be used for rope testing of track, hauling and carrying ropes with a rope diameter from 6 to 65 mm.

WPK - Zugseilpüfung
WPK - Tragseilprüfung