WPK Austria – Notified Body
WPK Austria – Notified Body

Notified body

Already since March 2004, WPK Austria GmbH was notified as a Notified Body according to the EU Directive 2000/9/EC for the implementation of conformity assessment procedures (certification) of subsystems and safety components of cableway installations.

After the end of a two-year transition period, the certification of cableway components will be carried out from 21 April 2018 onwards in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/424, which has thus replaced Directive 2009/9/EC.

WPK Austria GmbH is also recognized as a Notified Body (identification number 1424) for the EU Ropeway Regulation and carries out conformity assessment procedures according to "Module B" (EU type examination), "Module F" (production test) and "Module G" (unit verification) for all relevant subsystems and safety components:

  • Subsystem 1: Cables and cable connections
  • Subsystem 2: Drives and brakes
  • Subsystem 3: Mechanical equipment
  • Subsystem 4: Vehicles
  • Subsystem 5: Electrotechnical devices
  • Subsystem 6: Rescue equipment

In cooperation with the accredited certification body SystemCERT we can also carry out conformity assessment procedures according to module “D” and “H1” (based on quality inspection) of the regulation (EU) 2016/424.

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Our notification according to
VO (EU) 2016/424