Centre for technological safety

The WPK Austria is a recognized centre for technological safety according to the autrianSTZ-VO. In cooperation with the accredited testing and inspection body, we carry out acceptance and regular inspections of work equipment and technical installations as well as safety inspections of sports, play and leisure facilities and advise and support our customers in all aspects of preventive fire protection.

The safety experts of WPK attend to private and public clients in the field of occupational safety and also carry out the required evaluations (workplace, mental stress).

Work equipment and technical installations

In cooperation with the testers of the accredited testing and inspection body of the WPK, we carry out the acceptance tests and recurring tests (at the latest every 15 months) required in accordance with §7 or §8 of the AM-VO for the following work equipment:

  • Cranes (including loading cranes on vehicles)
  • Rail-mounted and non-rail-mounted mobile cranes
  • Other power-operated equipment for lifting loads: e.g. winches, towing devices
  • Lift tables
  • Vehicle lifts
  • Power-operated adaptation ramps (e.g. lifting platforms on cable car platforms)
  • Power operated doors, gates and barriers
  • Doors opening upwards, with a door leaf area exceeding 10m2
  • Material ropeways (which are not covered by the SeilbG 2003)
  • Excavator, wheel loader, forklift for lifting single loads
  • Load suspension devices and slings for loads or work baskets
  • Work equipment for lifting workers
  • Work baskets
  • Mechanical ladders
WPK Austria – recurring tests of work equipment
WPK Austria – recurring tests of work equipment

Sports, play and educational facilities

Safety inspection for compliance with the legal and normative requirements of the following plants:

  • Playgrounds and play equipment
  • Sports and gymnasiums
  • climbing walls, skate and fun parks
  • School and projection boards
  • Water slides and diving towers
WPK Austria – playground inspection
WPK Austria – playground inspection

Fire protection

For commercial enterprises and public institutions, a fire safety officer must generally be appointed in Austria. WPK Austria assumes the tasks of the fire protection officer for its customers and is available to the companies and institutions as a competent partner for all questions of preventive fire protection in an advisory and supporting capacity.

As an accredited inspection body, WPK Austria also carries out acceptance tests (final inspections) and recurring tests (revisions) of fire alarm systems in accordance with TRVB 123 S.

In the field of ropeway technology, WPK Austria prepares the expert reports required by the Seilbahngesetz SeilbG 2013 in the field of fire protection for the new construction and reconstruction of ropeways. In addition, the inspection body of WPK Austria is accredited to carry out recurring inspections of the preventive fire protection of cable cars and drag lifts according to §51 SeilbG 2003.

WPK Austria – inspection of fire alarm system
WPK Austria – inspection of fire alarm system

Safety expert

The WPK's trained safety experts advise companies in the field of occupational safety and humane work design and support employers in implementing and complying with legal requirements.

Our customers include both small businesses and large companies with well over 50 employees, where appropriate preventive inspections are carried out several times a year, in each case together with an occupational physician.

Workplace evaluation

The safety experts of the WPK support and advise companies in workplace evaluation, i.e. in recording and evaluating the risks to employees in their respective work areas. In addition, the WPK naturally also provides support in defining measures against the identified hazards and in documenting the process in the so-called safety and health protection documents (SiGe documents).